Saturday, February 13, 2010

Media for culture fungi

Media for culture fungi

Water Agar (WA)--use for isolating fungi from surface-sterilized substrates.

Antibiotic Agar (AA)--use for isolating fungi from substrates not readily surface-sterilized, or to clean up a culture contaminated with bacteria.

Acidified Cornmeal Agar (ACMA)--use for isolating fungi from substrates that are likely to be contaminated with bacteria. Not a substitute for AA, but the acidity inhibits bacteria and the medium supports the growth of a wide range of fungi.

Cornmeal Agar (CMA)--use for growing a wide range of fungi, particularly members of the Fungi imperfecti; provides a good balance of mycelial growth and sporulation.

Potato Carrot Agar (PCA)--considered a relatively weak medium somewhat comparable to CMA, good for some Fungi imperfecti.

Malt Agar (MA)--lacks peptone, and is useful for culturing many Ascomycota; sporulation in some species is inhibited by peptone.

Malt Extract Agar (MEA)--a good growth medium for soil fungi, fungi isolated from wood, basidiomycetes, etc. An all-purpose type of medium.

Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA)--a relatively rich medium for growing a wide range of fungi.

Potato Dextrose-Yeast Extract Agar (PDYA)---good for growing cultures derived from mushrooms.


  1. great information and pictures!

    is there any pictoral guide for edible/inedible fungi in malaysia? i noticed you website has a huge database of local fungi and i hope it edibility characteristic is listed as well.

  2. salam...

    ape media yg diperlukan utk culture T.versicolor, Trichoderma n White Rot Fungus???